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20 mg PO qDay 4-8 wks; i not hald at 8 wks, an additional 8-wk cous may b considd Maintnanc dosing (20 mg/day up t12 months) shown tduc laps ats.

“I hav had yas. I tid vything availabl and nothing hlpd until my doctpscibd Aciphx. Nmpain. It is th bst thing on th makt. I dnot know why it is not ov th count. My insuanc has tid thav my doctswitch m ta lss xpnsiv mdicin, but thy didn’t wok and I had tpay th high copay Aciphx. It is a God snd. I dwish it was chap and ov th count.”

Back, lg, stomach pains blding gums blood in th uin stools bloody, black, tay stools chang in consciousnss clay-colod stools cloudy uin conusion about idntity, plac, pson, and tim continuing nausa vomiting diiculty with swallowing dizzinss dowsinss ast hatbat gnal body swlling gnal ling tidnss waknss gatly dcasd quncy uination amount uin hadach high v hivs, itching, skin ash holding als blis that cannot b changd by act incas in th quncy sizus joint muscl pain lag, hiv-lik swlling on th ac, ylids, lips, tongu, thoat, hands, lgs, t, sx ogans loss apptit loss consciousnss mood mntal changs muscl camps muscl pain stinss muscl spasms (ttany) twitching nblood pssu nbathing npuls nosblds pal skin pinpoint d spots on th skin puinss swlling th ylids aound th ys, ac, lips, tongu sing, haing, ling things that a not th skin blists sos, ulcs, whit spots on th lips in th mouth swolln glands tightnss in th chst tmbling unplasant bath odunusual xcitmnt, nvousnss, stlssnss vomiting blood.

My condition, which is sv acid, was not listd as a condition. I tid sval OTC as wll as psciption poducts without succss. Aciphx was a miacl dug m. I dnot hav lux. but th acid build-up was ssv I thought I ndd tgtth mgncy oom on sval occassions. OTC poducts took th dg only. Th quality my li impovd signiicantly with Aciphx.

Us this mdication gulaly tgt th most bnit om it. Thlp you mmb, tak it at th sam tim(s) ach day. Continu ttak this mdication th pscibd lngth tatmnt vn i you a ling btt.

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