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Minocin belongs to the class of antibiotics known as tetracyclines.

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Tetracyclinewhich should not be given to pregnant women and children younger than 8 years of ageis the drug of choice22,23 Tetracycline40 mg/kg/day orally in 4 divided dosesmaximum2 g/dayfor a course of 10 days is effectiveAlternative therapies are metronidazole35 to 50 mg/kg/day orally in 3 divided dosesmaximum 750 mg 3 times a dayfor 5 daysor iodoquinol30 to 40 mg/kg/day orally in 3 divided dosesmaximum 650 mg 3 times a dayfor 20 days22,23.

There are three naturally occurring tetracyclinesoxytetracyclinechlortetracyclineand demethylchlortetracyclineand several that are derived semisyntheticallytetracyclinerolitetracyclinemethacyclineminocyclinedoxycyclinelymecyclineetcElimination times permit a further classification into short-actingtetracyclineoxytetracyclinechlortetracyclineintermediate-actingdemethylchlortetracycline and methacyclineand long-actingdoxycycline and minocyclineThe newest class of tetracyclinerelated antimicrobials are the glycylcyclinesrepresented by tigecyclinewhich contains a bulky side chain compared with minocycline

Cholesterol-lowering medications such as cholestyraminePrevaliteQuestranor colestipolColestidisotretinoinAccutanetretinoinRenovaRetin-AVesanoidan antacid such as TumsRolaidsMilk of MagnesiaMaaloxand othersa product that contains bismuth subsalicylate such as Pepto-Bismolminerals such as ironzinccalciummagnesiumand over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplementsa blood thinner such as warfarinCoumadinor a penicillin antibiotic such as amoxicillinAmoxilTrimoxotherspenicillinBeePen-VKPen-Vee KVeetidsothersdicloxacillinDynapencarbenicillinGeocillinoxacillinBactocilland others.

KIMS.DCHOJKIMI.SVANDERFORDB.JSNYDERS.AOccurrence and removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in South Korean surfacedrinkingand waste watersWater Res.v.41p.1013-10212007Links

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if you re pregnant or breastfeeding, tetracycline isn t the right acne treatment choice for you.