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The recommended initial dose is 2.5 mg/dayIf requiredthe dose should be increased graduallydepending on the patient responseThe usual effective dosage range is 5 to 20 mg/day administered in a single daily doseDose titration may be performed over a 2 to 4 week periodor more rapidly if indicated by the presence of residual signs and symptoms of heart failure.

The dosage may be titrated upward until blood pressure is controlled or to a maximum of 40 mg dailyAnaphylactoid reactions have been reported in patients dialysed with high-flux membranese.gpolyacrylonitrilePANand treated concomitantly with an ACE inhibitorsee PrecautionsAnaphylactoid Reactions during Membrane Exposure

Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from itTo help you remembertake it at the same time each dayKeep taking this medication even if you feel wellMost people with high blood pressure do not feel sick.

In using lisinoprilattention should be given to the risk of angioedemasee Warnings

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