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Thusthe fear of a cheese reaction may still linger regarding prescribing EMSAMIn factthe literature suggests that a cheese reaction secondary to EMSAM is a rare eventIn the clinical trial database of 2,036 subjectsno subject had an acute hypertensive reaction to EMSAM10 This is remarkable in that most of the trials did not follow a tyramine-free dietIn the EMSAM clinical trials357 patients received 9 or 12 mg/daydoses that the FDA have now required to be followed with a tyramine-free diet10 Since doses greater than 6 mg9 and 12 mghad a significantly increased tyramine-pressor responseconsiderably less than oral MAOIs but safe considering the tyramine content of a tyramine-rich dietand that there was insufficient tyramine-pressor response data for the 9 and 12 mg/day dosesthe FDA mandated a tyramine-free diet for these two higher doses10 A postmarketing analysis recently reported that of 29,141 patients treated with EMSAM13 cases had a hypertensive crisisOf these 13 caseseight were subsequently deemed not to have a hypertensive reaction after careful reviewFurthermoreof the five confirmed casesonly two were determined to be secondary to a true tyramine reaction and three were associated with another drug the patient was taking37.

EMSAM clinical trialscontrolled and uncontrolledhave included depressed patients 65 years and olderup to 95 years oldin as many as 198 patients198 of 2,036 clinical trial patients10 Unfortunatelythere were no analyses as to whether aging had a significant effect on the efficacy and safety of EMSAMThis kind of analysis was possible but not performed in two of the four pivotal controlled and published trials which included patients 65 years and older1314.

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