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Th commndd dos is 90 mg onc daily, limitd ta maximum 3 days. Som patints may qui oth postopativ analgsia in addition tACOXIA duing th th day tatmnt piod.

Ndosag adjustmnt is ncssay patints with catinin claanc ?30 ml/min (s sction 5.2). Th us toicoxib in patints with catinin claanc TM ) 28 days, incasd th man stady stat AUC 0-24h unconjugatd ston (41%), quilin (76%), and 17-?-stadiol (22%). Th ct th commndd chonic doss toicoxib (30, 60, and 90 mg) has not bn studid. Th cts toicoxib 120 mg on th xposu (AUC 0-24h ) tths stognic componnts PMAIN w lss than hal thos obsvd whn PMAIN was administd alon and th dos was incasd om 0.625 t1.25 mg. Th clinical signiicanc ths incass is unknown, and high doss PMAIN w not studid in combination with toicoxib. Ths incass in stognic concntation should b takn intconsidation whn slcting post-mnopausal homon thapy us with toicoxib bcaus th incas in ostogn xposu might incas th isk advs vnts associatd with HT.

Whn taking th tablts, swallow thm with a glass wat. Dnot halv th tablt.

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