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Gingival hyperplasia is widely blamed on antiepileptic medications, especially dilantin5, however, this prob- lem is widespread in children with oral motor problems because of poor clearance of saliva.

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30 mg/5 mL Each 5 mL of flavouredred-coloured suspension contains 30 mg of phenytoinfree acid formNonmedicinal ingredientsalcoholbanana oilcitric acidglycerinmagnesium aluminum silicateorange oilpolysorbate 40Red No2 FD&Csodium benzoatesodium carboxymethylcellulosesugarvanillinand FD&C Yellow No6.

Generic NamephenytoinoralFEN i toynBrand NamesDilantinPhenytek.

Dilantin is used to control seizuresPhenytoin does not treat all types of seizuresand your doctor will determine if it is the right medicine for you.

The children’s dose is based on age and body weightThe recommended starting dose is 5 mg per kilogram of body weight per daywhich is then divided into 3 equal doses.

Phenytoin can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing babyYou should not breast-feed while you are using Dilantin.

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also, if that is the case, you will need it rechecked after stopping macrodantin nitrofurantoin because the dilantin levels could go up again into a toxic range if you doctor had raised the dilantin.