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International Agency for Research on CancerIARCV.61974IARC V.211979K.SLarrson and DMachinSafety requirements for contraceptive steroidsFMichaledCambridge University PressCambridgepp30-2691989Sixth Annual Report on Carcinogens V.2pp 693-6961991MedSciRes198715:703-704JohnstoneE.Eand FranklinR.R1964Assay of progestins for fetal virilizing properties using the mouseObstet Gynecol23:359-62SeegmillerR.ENelsonG.Wand JohnsonC.K1983Evaluation of the teratogenic potential of Delalutin17-hydroxyprogesterone caproatein miceTeratology 28:201-8SuchowskyG.Kand JunkmannK1961A study of the virilizing effects of progesterone on the female rat fetusEndocrinolgy 68:341-9ScholerH.F.Land de WachterA.M1961Evaluation of androgenic properties of progestational compounds in the rat by the female foetal masculinization testActaEndocrinol38:128-36HudsonRPharrissB.BTillsonS.Aand RenoF1978Preclinical evaluation of intrauterine progesterone as a contraceptive agentIIIEmbryology and toxicologyContraception 17:489-97FooteW.DFooteW.Cand FooteL.H1968Influence of certain natural and synthetic steroids on genital development in guinea pigsFertilSteril19:606-15WhartonL.RJrand ScottR.B1964Experimental production of genital lessions with norethindroneAm JObstetGynecol89:701-15 ScialliA.R1988Developmental effects of progesterone and its derivativesReproductive Toxicol2:3-11.

There may be other drugs that can interact with progesteroneTell your doctor about all medications you useThis includes prescriptionover-the-countervitaminand herbal productsDo not start a new medication without telling your doctor.

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