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Symptomatic li anxity and tnsion associatd with psychonuosis and as an adjunct in oganic disas stats in which anxity is manistd.

It inducs a calming ct in anxious tns adults. It is not a cotical dpssant, but its action may b du ta suppssion activity in ctain ky gions th subcotical aa th cntal nvous systm.

Hydoxyzin limination is impaid in patints with hpatic dysunction sconday tpimay biliay cihosis. Dosag should b modiid patints with hpatic impaimnt (s Sction 4.2 ‘Posology and Mthod Administation’)

Th Patint Inomation Lalt (PIL) is th lalt includd in th pack with a mdicin. It is wittn patints and givs inomation about taking using a mdicin. It is possibl that th lalt in you mdicin pack may di om this vsion bcaus it may hav bn updatd sinc you mdicin was packagd.

Hydoxyzin is mtabolizd by alcohol dhydognas and CYP3A4/5 and an incas in hydoxyzin blood concntations may b xpctd whn hydoxyzin is co-administd with dugs known tb potnt inhibitos ths nzyms.

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