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See the boys don t just have to whet that the bactroban is suggested, a task bactroban may become red, itchy, and inflamed, may grow over time, and can keep of newel.

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Advis th patint tad th DA-appovd patint labling (PATINT INOMATION).

Th stimatd backgound isk majbith dcts and miscaiags th indicatd population is unknown. Th stimatd backgound isk in th U.S. gnal population majbith dcts is 2% t4% and miscaiag is 15% t20% clinically cognizd pgnancis.

Ach gam BACTOBAN ointmnt contains 20 mg mupiocin in a wat-miscibl ointmnt bas.

Ach gam BACTOBAN ointmnt, 2% contains 20 mg mupiocin in a wat-miscibl ointmnt bas (polythyln glycol ointmnt, N..) consisting polythyln glycol 400 and polythyln glycol 3350.

In a tility/poductiv pomanc study (with dosing though lactation), mupiocin administd subcutanously tmal and mal ats at doss up t100 mg p kg p day which is 14 tims th human topical dos (appoximatly 60 mg mupiocin p day) basd on calculations dos dividd by th nti body suac aa, did not sult in impaid tility impaid poductiv pomanc attibutabl tmupiocin.

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